Your little league baseball coach from years past.  A therapist who guided you through a rough time.  Your mom telling you that it’s going to be okay.  The smiling convenience store cashier.  An attentive waiter that goes the extra mile. 

All these people, and many more, are people who choose to make a positive impact.  They mold you and shape you into who you are today.  The moment might be a fleeting one after you run in to grab a cup of coffee.  Or it may be a pivotal life occasion that a parent gently nudges you through without permanent scars.  Each person, however, is significant in his or her own way.

I’m issuing a challenge.  Each interaction with another human being provides a choice.  Choose how you want to affect the other person.  One choice is to be happy and observant – maybe ask about their day (and actually be interested enough to wait for the response).  We can also choose to be completely consumed with completing the task and move on to the next and only respond without being engaging.  I challenge all of us to be gleeful and inviting and mindful of the other person.  Your smile may be the only one they see today.


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