He says, “It should be you on that cross, but I’ll go.” That’s pretty straightforward and stripped down. It’s raw, too. But it makes the point beautifully. That’s the bottom line of God’s grace. Because we were all born into this world with a bent towards a sin nature, none of us are inherently good without God’s grace. We don’t deserve it. But God offers us the free gift of His grace to anyone who will take Him up on it.

When God sent Jesus to the earth to (1) show us how to live and (2) to die a brutal death on a wooden cross at the hands of the Romans, God demonstrated His massive grace and love for us.  So Jesus, being God in human form, willingly took a terrible beating before being nailed to wooden beams and placed on a hill on display for all to see until He died.  In those moments, God, through Jesus, loudly demonstrated His crazy love for us.  And he freely and willingly did it all for each one of us without any strings attached.  And He did this knowing that many would not accept His free gift.  That’s what grace is.  We don’t have to do anything to access it; in fact we can’t do anything to earn it.  It’s free.  He just asks that we accept it.

One of my favorite songs is Reckless Love by Corey Asbury.  In that song, he sings, “I couldn’t earn it, I don’t deserve it, yet you give yourself away.”  Grace has been defined in so many different ways, but I think one of the most common definitions that we hear is that it’s God’s unmerited favor.  Unmerited means undeserved.  I can’t speak for others, but I personally am so grateful that God doesn’t require anything of me in order to access that grace.

I need His grace every day.  The bible says that his mercies are new every morning (Lamentations 3:23).  I am so thankful that I can count on that.  Even though I may have royally messed up the entire day yesterday, which I’m pretty good at, I can rest in the fact that God offers me grace constantly.  Today is quite literally a new day.  That is so liberating for someone like me who needs His grace and mercy daily.


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