Goodbye, Mango

My dog died last night. Technically, she was my son’s dog. But he’s off at college, and she lived here.

I don’t really know how to act today.  I’m riding an emotional roller coaster.  Yes, some would say it was just a dog.  And I know that she wasn’t actually a flesh-and-blood relative.  But she went through everything with us – the good times when we’d laugh and carry on – the bad times when we’d cry.  She would even wonder what was going on while I’d yell and scream like a crazy man at some black thing on the wall when I was watching a college football game.  She literally experienced life with us.  She was there for all of it.  Now she’s not.

As Red Foley says in his song, if dogs have a heaven, there’s one thing I know: she has a wonderful home “

We’ll miss you, Mango.  We love you.


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