Good morning! This is an article that I wrote a while back and published on a different blog. I was reading it again this morning and found out I never put it on this blog. It spoke to me, so I’m putting it on here. I hope it speaks to you, too.

When attempting to make a vine to grow and be healthy and produce fruit, the vine must be pruned. The things that prevent a healthy, fruit-producing vine must be pruned away. The word prune comes from the Greek word kathairo, which includes the word airo. Airo means to lift up.   Just like a trellis, which lifts up a vine so it can bear fruit, this is part of the pruning process in our lives.

If a vine is on the ground, it can’t bear fruit. The reason why many believers can’t bear fruit is because the devil has kept them down in one way or another.  The number 1 enemy of Israel in the Old Testament is the Philistines. The word Philistine in Hebrew means to wallow in the dust (on the ground).

First, a believer’s life produces a small amount of fruit.  Then, after pruning, a little more fruit is produced.  Eventually, after much pruning along the way and diligent development of a strong root system of being in The Word daily, that same life produces much more fruit.  So be patient with yourself.  It takes time to build a strong root system and thus produce the amount and kind of fruit you think your life should produce.  When growing vines to produce grapes that will eventually lead to wine, this process can take at least 5 to 6 years. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Our job is not to produce fruit.  Our job is to REMAIN and ABIDE in God and His Word. Stay connected to Jesus and allow Him to do the necessary pruning and developing. When we do this, the fruit will come. That’s God’s job anyway.


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