Good morning, frogs!  Well, it was Easter Sunday yesterday.  Resurrection Sunday is arguably the single biggest holiday in all of Christendom.  I trust that all of you had a great celebration of our resurrected lord.

I have attached a Facebook post that Jim Petrey, a long-time friend of mine, posted yesterday.  He is talking about his dad, Curtis Petrey, who has always been one of my favorite pastors.  My dad, who is also a pastor, said yesterday that this was so like Curtis and the things he would do.  He was a great communicator.  When Curtis passed away, this world lost a great man of God.  Enjoy your retirement, Curtis.  We’ll see you soon.

Here’s the post…

Dad’s instructions to the congregation were to be in the sanctuary by 10:59. At 11:00 you were late. The door would be closed and you couldn’t get in. Inside it was pitch black. Ushers seated everyone using flashlights. The only windows in the sanctuary, at the front on the sides of the cross, had been covered with a giant black sheet.

11:00 came, and we sat in the dark in anticipation. Softly and sadly a woman’s voice began to sing, “Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?” As she faded away, a face appeared in the darkness. My father, wearing a black robe and holding a candle or small flashlight, walked to the center. 
He spoke solemnly, “I don’t know why you people have come here today. I guess you haven’t heard the news. Jesus is dead. Me and the other disciples are getting out of town and we suggest you do the same”. As he turns to walk away, barely visible in the dark, suddenly a woman rushes in screaming, “Wait! I’ve seen Him! I’ve seen Jesus! He’s ALIVE!!”

In seconds the sanctuary is transformed from pitch dark to blinding light. The sheet is pulled down, the lights come on. Youth from the back rush in and decorate the altar with beautiful lilies. And all to the final chorus of Don Francisco singing “He’s Alive”. The celebration begun. Our Savior lives.

I imagine heaven will resemble my Dad’s service on a much larger scale. If only he had God’s budget there’s no telling what he would have done, lol. In any case it has left a lasting impression on me. I hope it blesses whoever reads this.



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