I’ve been very hesitant to write or post anything this week, because I’ve become very dejected with the current political climate. I mean, I still believe what I believe, and I want to continue to speak out about it.

But I keep hearing on TV and radio (I should probably turn those off) about all this bickering and back-and-forth and he-said/she-said. I just get so tired of all that!

Then I read that one of my favorite blogs has been censored by Facebook, because the blogger presented a conservative position on abortion that was different than theirs. Like she said, if you don’t think Facebook has an agenda, please wake up!

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Those that preach diversity and tolerance are constantly seen and heard being very condescending and intolerant of anything conservative. Isn’t that the very definition of hypocrisy and intolerance? Geez!

So I get tired and weary and exasperated. I feel very put-upon (not saying that’s right, but that’s how I feel).

Then I’m reminded, this morning, of Paul’s writing where he said in Galatians 6:9 that we should not grow weary in well-doing. He goes on to say that in due season we will reap a harvest. He’s telling the church not to give up.

So don’t give up! That’s what I came away with this morning.

We can’t stop speaking out about the things we believe in. It way not be time to reap the harvest now, but in due time we will reap if we don’t give up!

That’t great news! This is not the final chapter. Have you read the end of the book?! Even though it may not look like it right now, WE WIN in the end! That’s a promise from God!

Don’t be discouraged like I’ve been this week. Keep your heads up. Fight the good fight. Swim against the current, if you must. Just keep on keeping on until the end!

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