Since this is a blog about life, I thought I would write about a topic that's really been on my mind recently. And this is no where near all-inclusive. I'm just hitting on a few of the points. For a more comprehensive list, I encourage your own research. All families face challenges of every kind … Continue reading CHALLENGES FACING FAMILIES


I feel as if I should talk about my story a bit. Even though I want to be careful not to give too much credit to the enemy, I also wish to give people some hope. If you want the whole story, then the book is available at my website Beginning in February, 2003, … Continue reading LOOKING OVER THE EDGE


Many people in our society today, unfortunately, have the wrong idea about Christianity.  And you can probably blame that on those of us who call ourselves Christians.  Many people think that we have to be "good enough" in order to be a part of a local church.  And, in reality, that may be true for … Continue reading RELIGION VS CHRISTIANITY


He says, “It should be you on that cross, but I’ll go.” That’s pretty straightforward and stripped down. It’s raw, too. But it makes the point beautifully. That’s the bottom line of God’s grace. Because we were all born into this world with a bent towards a sin nature, none of us are inherently good … Continue reading GOD’S GRACE


Your little league baseball coach from years past.  A therapist who guided you through a rough time.  Your mom telling you that it’s going to be okay.  The smiling convenience store cashier.  An attentive waiter that goes the extra mile.  All these people, and many more, are people who choose to make a positive impact.  They mold you and … Continue reading EVERYONE IS SIGNIFICANT