Father’s Day

Today is MY DAY! I was told by my family that I could do whatever I want to do. I can wear shorts to church if I want. We can eat lunch wherever I choose. I can even put on a purple hat from Honduras if that's what I wish. Whatever I want, right?! Well, … Continue reading Father’s Day


A Day to Honor Life Today is set aside on the calendar for us to honor our troops and remember the sacrifices that have been made to give us and protect our freedoms. However, I want to live in thankfulness every day for the freedom we so often take for granted. Thank you! Thank you! … Continue reading MEMORIAL DAY


I've been very hesitant to write or post anything this week, because I've become very dejected with the current political climate. I mean, I still believe what I believe, and I want to continue to speak out about it. But I keep hearing on TV and radio (I should probably turn those off) about all … Continue reading DON’T GIVE UP


My plan, today, was to write about how important laughter has been in our lives when it came to my stroke recovery. I've also recently been having back and spine issues as a result of a fall while doing some prison ministry about a week-and-a-half ago. Laughter has been a big part of my recovery … Continue reading LAUGH TO LIFT YOURSELF UP – JOYCE MEYER